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About the treatment

The treatment lasts an hour, however the initial consultation and treatment will last one hour and fifteen minutes to allow for a short medical history form to be completed.

I explain how Reflexology works, and what sensation you might experience both during and after a treatment. 

NB: If you suffer with DVT, very high blood pressure, or Phlebitis, I would advise against treatment, as Reflexology can raise the blood pressure very slightly, whilst increasing circulation.

You will then be gently tilted back in my comfortable ‘zero gravity chair’ Lafuma recliner and covered with a warm throw. 

Gentle relaxation music, will be played during the treatment and the lights dimmed, while

I gently cleanse the feet with tea tree spray, before using 100% organic, Fair Trade, Shea Butter, to help aid thumb walking techniques across reflex points on the feet.